Director:   Priyadarshan
Producer:   Appachan
Music Director:   Ilayaraja,  Kannur Rajan
Lyricst: Shibu Chakravarthy
M.G. Sreekumar
Sujatha Mohan
Neyyattinkara Vasudevan

Mohanlal as Vishnu
Renjini as Kalyani
Lizy Priyadarshan as Revathy
Nedumudi Venu as Kaimal
Poornam Viswanathan as Ramendra MenonLikeDon't Like
Sreenivasan as Baskaran Nambiar (as Sreenivasen)

M. G. Soman as Jail warden
Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair
Maniyan Pilla Raju
UnnimaryLikeDon't Like
JagadishDon't Like
Ganesh as Revathy's Brother


Kalyani (Renjini) who is the daughter of a wealthy NRI Ramendra Menon (Poornam Vishwanathan) who resides in the US. Kalyani, brought up in Kerala by her father's friend Kaimal (Nedumudi Venu), falls in love with another man (Shanawas) and decides to marry against the wishes of her father. When her boyfriend finds out that she will be disinherited, he ditches her at the altar.

After a short while her father decides to retract his disapproval and spend a fortnight's vacation with his daughter and son-in-law in his estate near a tribal community where Menon is the chief. Because her father is already ill and because this may be his last vacation, Kalyani and Kaimal want to make it as happy for him as possible. They decide to conceal the fact that her boyfriend dumped her.

Kaimal hires Vishnu (Mohanlal) to play the part of the husband for a fortnight. Meanwhile Kalyani's cousin Baskaran Nambiar (Sreenivasan) who is the caretaker of the estate was expected to inherit Menon's esate and property when Kalyani was disinherited is determined not to let go without a fight. He knows that Vishnu is not Kalyani's boyfriend and suspects that he is only acting. He makes various botched attempts to prove this. Vishnu and Kalyani are not getting along and keep bickering.

Over time, Kalyani begins to fall in love with Vishnu and hopes to marry him for real. A couple of days after they have a mysterious visitor (M.G. Soman) who claims to be a relative of Vishnu.

Vishnu finally reveals the truth about his past to Kalyani. Vishnu is actually an escaped convict from a jail who is sentenced to be executed, and it turns out the visitor is the prison warden. Vishnu was a freelance photographer and he was married to a woman named Revathy (Lizy) who is a mute dancer. They also had a child. Vishnu discovers that a man was visiting his wife when he was not around and begins to suspect her fidelity. Coming home one day he finds the man there and tried to attack him. Lizy dies in the scuffle that follows, Vishnu discovers that the man is her brother (Ganesh ) who is a terrorist (he is involved with the Naxalites). He tells Kalyani that he escaped to make money for a surgery on his child.

After a happy fortnight, Kalyani's father returns to the US. The final seen shows the warden taking Vishu to jail where his execution awaits him. His child is with Kalyani suggesting she will raise the child.


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