MALAYALA CINEMA - The spanking 'n' sparking website  for the Malayalam cine buffs! Find out  everything about Mallu wood and people that make it happen. As an official website of AMMA it brings the right picture behind the scenes.

AMMA is an acronym for the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes. This is an intelligent move from the part of associates concerned to safeguard and nurse their aspirations in the industry. This invariably includes endowments, insurance schemes, and committees on wages and benefits on revision, fund for research, pensions, and education loans for their children etc. As this has hit right, many other states have followed the same in their industry. AMMA has recently taken strong and effective steps against piracy.

AMMA aims to foster a professional platform where open and healthy discussion can be taken place and whereby it can exist as the collective force in all its earnestness and deliberate on any issues that come under the ambit of professional concern and relevance.


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